Young Dick Chance

Making Amusement Rides for Life

I suppose maybe it makes sense that once a person has a job in…

Amusement Rides in the Making: March Edition

It's that time again!  Walk with me through the Chance Rides…
Morgan's Wonderland Carousel

ADA Compliant and Inclusive

I recently read an article that was written by Linda Van Slyke…
Carousel Zebra

Factory Walk February

I slid my way into work today on sheets of ice due to some recent…

The Wheels of Love

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day?  For George W. Gale Ferris…

How Real Can It Be?

In the 1960s during our companies birth nearly 90 percent of…

The 50th Anniversary of the Zipper

It was recently brought to my attention from a Chance Rides Fans…

New ALL RIDES Service Bulletin From Chance Rides

NEW Requirements Issued for Addressing Corrosion Concerns in…

What is Chance Rides working on now?

It is true that we are still weeks away from Christmas but the…

Happy Thanksgiving from Chance Rides

The Chance Rides offices will be closed on November 23rd and…

Do You Zoo Boo?

As with most holidays, Halloween gives entertainment venues…
Unicoaster Show Seat

Ready for the IAAPA Expo?

The entire amusement industry is about to descend upon Orlando,…
Unicoaster 2.0

See what is NEW at Chance Rides

Welcome to the new  We are making it easier…
Chance Rides Corporate Offices

2016 Year in Review

2016 Will Be Gone In A Flash The holidays bring about a time…
Zipper Lights

Zipper Transformation - Post 11

Zipper Ride Z

Zipper Transformation - Post 10

Give me a Z!  Does anyone see a Zipper happening here? We…
Zipper Sign Electrical

Zipper Transformation - Post 9

More Paint = More Progress That's right, we have one rebuilt…
Zipper Tower Yard

Zipper Transformation - Post 8

PAINT = PROGRESS The process of making a ride like new again…
Chance Rides Factory

Meanwhile around the factory ...

Did You Think the Zipper Was the Only Game in Town? Just to…
Zipper Seat

Zipper Transformation - Post 7

EXCITING THINGS ARE HAPPENING You can't very well have a Zipper…
Zipper Skeleton

Zipper Transformation - Post 6

Now Begins the Manufacturing Last week the boom came off and…
Zipper Refurb

Zipper Transformation - Post 5

And The Boom Comes Off ... A major step in the dis-assembly…
Zipper Parts

Zipper Transformation - Post 4

Look At All Those Parts The Zipper parts are beginning to pile…

Zipper Transformation - Post 3

Break It Down To Build It Up The Zipper is still in the process…

Zipper Transformation - Post 2

Working Through the Worst During what is likely the hardest…
Zipper on Trailer

Zipper Transformation - Post 1

The Zipper Rides Again! Work has begun on the latest Zipper…
Chance Rides Careers

Seeking a Field Service Controls Technician

Chance Rides is Seeking a Field Service Controls Technician Chance…
Chance Rides CP Huntington

Seeking a New Field Service Technician

Chance Rides is Seeking a New Field Service Technician WE…

Made in America with Pride!

Chance Rides had the recent privilege of  being featured…
RCS Freestyle

2015 Houston Livestock Show VIP Tour and Hospitality Event

Last weekend was the 2nd annual Chance Rides VIP Event at the…
Hyper GTX Coaster

Lightning Run Enters 2014 in the Top 25 Steel Coasters

Lightning Run, the new Hyper GT-X roller coaster built by Chance…
Freestyle Family Riders

Freestyle a Midway Hit

Ray Cammack Shows wrapped up the carnival at the OC Fair in Costa…
Seattle Great Wheel

49 Things you Probably Didn't Know About Wichita

We made the list, #22 on the list of 49 Things You Probably Didn't…

SkyQuest in testing phase at Indianapolis Zoo

The Indianapolis Zoo has opened the world renowned Simon Skjodt…
Lightning Run - Hyper GT-X

Lightning Run at Kentucky Kingdom - Chance Rides Hyper GT-X

After 5 long years of lying vacant collecting dust, Kentucky…
Little Rock Zoo CP Huntington

New C.P. Huntington Train Delight Zoo Guests

This summer guests at the Little Rock Zoo in Little Rock, Arkansas…
Zootenial Carousel

San Antonio Zootenial Carousel

The San Antonio Zoo is turning 100 years old in 2014.  To celebrate…
pharaohs fury

Swinging Ship Ride Thrills in Three New Cities.

Swinging Ship Ride Thrills in Three New Cities. For many of…
Giant Wheel

The Chance Rides Giant Wheel Makes it into Professional Baseball

This summer when the people in and around Davenport, IA set out…
Hyper GT-X Coaster

New From Chance Rides

At Chance Rides we are working hard to bring more new items to…