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In addition to our website update we have added a web store for our replacement parts.  You can find this under the services menu.  Or you can bookmark  We are working to build the store offering one product at a time.  Currently you can find replacement parts for Zippers and C.P. Huntington trains.

At Chance Rides our philosophy is, “If we can help our customers be successful then we will be successful.”  We welcome any feedback you might have to help us bring you greater success.

As we begin our preparations for IAAPA Expo 2017, I am very excited about the new things we have to show you this year.  For the first time in several years we will have a ride experience right inside our booth.  You’ll be able to board the Unicoaster 2.0 seat and experience the user-controlled rotation.  The original Unicoaster was originally introduced in 2010 with our first ride installed at Belmont Park in San Diego, CA in 2011.  We have now taken the Unicoaster outside the circle, with the same rider-controlled design you can now treat guests to the experience of a looping coaster.  This amusement ride is perfect for catering to thrill seekers of all levels.  If the guest is more into a mild thrill they can remain upright traveling the course, while the more dramatic thrill seekers can flip and flop throughout the entire ride.

Unicoaster 2.0

In addition to the Unicoaster 2.0 we will again have a beautiful C.P. Huntington Locomotive in our booth, however, this is no ordinary C.P. Huntington.  Our latest model is fully battery powered.  The new technology involved with operating the classic C.P. Huntington on battery power will significantly reduce the required maintenance that is typically associated with a combustion engine.  Not to mention showing your guests that you care about the environment, as our Electric C.P. Huntington Locomotive has zero emissions of harmful gasses. The show model is currently being tested at our facility to prove that it will sustain all day operation at your venue.  Stop by booth #5124 to see the locomotive and let us share all that we’ve learned from the test runs.

Electric C.P. HuntingtonChance Rides also has some guest passes available for IAAPA Expo 2017.  If you still need a pass for the show please contact Lisa Hargrove at  We look forward to seeing you there!





Lightning Run Enters 2014 in the Top 25 Steel Coasters

Lightning Run, the new Hyper GT-X roller coaster built by Chance Rides has debuted in the Top 25 of the Top 50 Steel Roller Coasters list.  Lightning Run was also nominated for Best New Ride for the 2014 Golden Ticket Awards and was a top 5 finalist.  It was an honor to be a part of bringing Kentucky Kingdom back to life and the Lightning Run roller coaster will continue to delight thrill-seekers for years to come.  Click here to see the full list.

Hyper GTX Coaster

Photo courtesy of Marcus Dorsey flickr – Lightning Run – Kentucky Kingdom


Lightning Run at Kentucky Kingdom – Chance Rides Hyper GT-X

After 5 long years of lying vacant collecting dust, Kentucky Kingdom has reopened to the public.  But Ed Hart and his team did far more than just reopen the doors.  After putting more than $44M dollars into the park it is opened anew.  Along with that came a brand new steel roller coaster to join a park favorite in the Thunder Run wooden coaster.  The new roller coaster, Lightning Run, is the first Chance Rides Hyper GT-X coaster.  The main idea behind the Hyper GT-X coaster is all the thrill without all the cost.  This roller coaster features 2500 ft of track, a 100 ft lift hill, an 80 degree 1st drop, 11 points of real air time and countless surprise twists and turns throughout.  Don’t believe us, click here to see what the American Coaster Enthusiasts had to say about Lightning Run.  Kentucky Kingdom opened their doors to the ACE group on May 17th, one week before the park was opened to the general public.  We wish Ed Hart and all the staff at Kentucky Kingdom a long and happy future.

Lightning Run - Hyper GT-X

Photo courtesy of Amusement Today

New From Chance Rides

At Chance Rides we are working hard to bring more new items to the market in 2014.  We delivered our first new Freestyle in August and look forward to producing a few more in the coming months.


Freestyle Ride, Ray Cammack Shows

The completely new SkyQuest will begin delivery soon so that it will be ready for guests in early 2014.  The Indianapolis Zoo has developed a completely new habitat concept for their orangutans and Chance Rides is honored to be a part of this ground breaking effort.


Also, new for 2014 is the latest in thrilling roller coasters from Chance Rides, the HyperGT-X.  You’ll feel the thrill from this coaster as you experience the 79 degree 1st drop and 4G force pullout.  This compact coaster design provides all the tummy tickling excitement your guests are after as it finishes with a series of camel backs that lift you off your seat.

Hyper GT-X Coaster

Chance Rides Hyper GT-X Rendering

And last but certainly not least we have the introduction of the R80 XL II Observation Wheel.  At over 250 ft tall this wheel is a modern marvel.  The wheel accommodates 54 (8) passenger or 27 (16) passenger gondolas that are climate controlled and feature two-way communication.  There are many seating configurations available to ensure that you can give your guests the experience you prefer.  There is even an option to include VIP luxury cabins for a truly special experience.

r80 large cabins

R80 XL II Puebla, Mexico

Stay tuned as we get closer on each of these projects and more for the 2014 season.  And let us know what we can start working on for you.