How Real Can It Be?

In the 1960s during our companies birth nearly 90 percent of all homes were equipped with a television.  Although, 98 percent of homes did not have a color television.  Americans were learning to rely on the television for entertainment and news but they were satisfied to consume the content in a grainy black and white picture.  Now with the LED technology that is readily available to our homes you can truly immerse yourself into whatever you are watching.  Sports venues are increasingly facing challenges with getting fans into seats.  The experience from their living room is so close to the real thing.  In this way amusement parks are having to do more as well to invite guests into the lands they create. Simply following a color scheme or applying decals is not enough to draw guests in and to stay and spend money.

Television Today






At Chance Rides we pride ourselves on the attention to detail necessary to make all the pieces come together.  We’ve created some spectacular carousels with figures that look as if they’ve jumped right out of the screen onto our platform.

At Legoland California you can ride a Lego horse in Mia’s Riding Adventure.


Lego Horse CarouselLegoland California Lego Horses







One of my favorite carousels that we’ve created at Chance Rides is for Universal Studios Singapore.  It is the King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round in the Madagascar Zone.  This carousel makes the animated characters come to life.

Madagascar Carousel Gloria Figure






We can even transform our thrill rides into something that becomes part of the story.  At the Nickelodeon Universe in the Mall of America, you can take a ride on Shredder, our Revolution 20 with a themed element for the villain of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Using steel and fiberglass adornments and lightning elements our ride transforms into the villainous weapon that is also a thrilling ride.

Revolution 20 ShredderShredder riders







At Chance Rides Inc., our specialty is building fun.  And just like advancements in other industries we have to focus on the details that make our products special and our bring our customers’ vision to life for their guests.  Even our standard rides have the ability to transport you to another time and place.  Our flagship C.P. Huntington train is constructed with details such as real wood, brass, and castings that perfectly resemble the original 1863 transcontinental engine.

Original 1863 C.P. Huntington LocomotiveChance Rides C.P. Huntington Locomotive







Consumers are more sophisticated than ever and there are numerous different ways for them to spend their disposable income.  At Chance Rides we have the attention to detail that is necessary to deliver on what park guests expect, fully themed lands with interactive and thrilling experiences for the entire family.

Do You Zoo Boo?

As with most holidays, Halloween gives entertainment venues an opportunity to drive additional traffic and become a part of family traditions and lifelong memories.  Often the month of October can provide the optimal weather for outdoor adventuring as well.  It is when the summer heat gives way to cool, crisp air and changing leaves bring more color to our world.  A study by the National Retail Federation also shows that Halloween spending is at record highs.  They attribute this to the fact that Halloween celebrating can be much more economical for families, so more of them are participating.  A Halloween event at your Zoo or Aquarium may be an easier time for families to spend quality time together before the often stressful holiday season begins.

At Chance Rides we often tell our customers and prospects how valuable our products can be for filling up your attraction and bringing guests back again and again.  Imagine the smiling faces on the hauntingly adorned C.P. Huntington Train or the delight of the child dressed as a dragon (or batman) riding on the dragon carousel figure.  There are many ways to incorporate Chance Rides products into your holiday celebrations.  We would love to tell you more about what you can do to generate more revenue for your facility.  We can also connect you with some of our customers running successful Halloween events.






Ready for the IAAPA Expo?

IAE 2017

The entire amusement industry is about to descend upon Orlando, FL for 1 week and it’s always exciting!  All things even remotely tied to entertaining guests can be found at IAE2017.  You will find anything and everything that your guests’ need to enjoy their time at your facility.

Unicoaster Show Seat

Take at ride at IAAPA 2017

At Chance Rides, we take this time to let our customers know what new things we have up our sleeve.  In Chance Rides booth #5124 you will be able to experience the thrill of the user-controlled Unicoaster seat.  The Unicoaster is going free-form so be sure to ask about the new track layouts for the Unicoaster 2.0.




Electric C.P. Huntington

See it in booth #5124

The new Electric C.P. Huntington train will have the wheels turning under the power of the lithium-ion battery technology.  You will experience the quiet, smooth, operation as well as the auto-charging function designed into the system.

Chance Rides still has a limited number of guest passes available.  If you’d like to attend IAAPA Expo 2017 for FREE as our guest please contact us ( for the guest pass access code.  If you’ve already registered make sure to add us to your schedule.


Made in America with Pride!


ABC News Made In America

Chance Rides had the recent privilege of  being featured in a national news production focusing on American manufacturing.  ABC World News Tonight with David Muir does a running feature they call Made in America.  I was contacted by their producer earlier this summer about participating in the show.  They have featured products from footballs to flashlights and pizzas to cookies.  They were excited to take a look at all the products we are manufacturing right here in Wichita, KS.  Maggy Patrick from ABC News flew into Wichita with camera in hand and spent the day with us capturing the full story of Chance Rides.  Once she left we all just kept wondering how on earth she was going to get her few hours of story and video down to just a one or two minute news segment.  There is no doubt it is a quick story but we think they captured the essence of what we do at Chance Rides pretty well and we thank them for coming.

Take a look for yourself here.


49 Things you Probably Didn’t Know About Wichita

We made the list, #22 on the list of 49 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Wichita, as compiled by Movoto, a local real estate company.

22. Wichita’s Chance Rides (formerly Chance Rides Manufacturing) is the world’s leading manufacturer of amusement rides. Notable rides built by the company include Seattle’s famous Great Wheel and the Eagles Life in the Fast Lane coaster at Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach.

Seattle Great Wheel


Check out the rest of the list to learn more about our humble city here.

The Capital Wheel at National Harbor – Chance Rides R60 Giant Observation Wheel

jonpetersonspeechA Ferris wheel is something that automatically conjures up nostalgic images in your mind, however, Chance Rides is one manufacturer that is helping to make Ferris wheels new again.  There is a brand new addition to the skyline in our nations capital and it is called The Capital Wheel.  This is no ordinary Ferris wheel though, this is a 180 ft tall observation wheel.  The Capital Wheel at National Harbor is an R60 Giant Observation Wheel designed by Ronald Bussink Ag and manufactured by Chance Rides.  The wheel features 42 climate controlled gondolas, providing 360 degree views of the beautiful Washington DC area.  Positioned right over the historic Potomac river, guests will have views of the National Monument, the U.S. Capital, the city of Alexandria and Prince Georges County.  The wheel features 1.6 million programmable LED lights making the wheel itself a show at night.  It is something that must truly be experienced.  Click here to see the whole project come together from the ground up.