ADA Compliant and Inclusive

I recently read an article that was written by Linda Van Slyke and shared by CarnivalWarehouseNews in regards to efforts being made toward ADA compliance.  The Americans with Disabilities Act has been in existence since 1990 but in an industry that is centuries old change can come about slowly.  It made me stop and think about how well Chance Rides is addressing these needs for our customers.

Naturally, the best way for me to show you what Chance Rides is doing is by showing you what is currently in production.  Carousels are part of the standard assortment of products that we produce every year.

swan chariot

Because we make so many that serve so many customers it is important that they address ADA Compliance and give everyone an opportunity to enjoy them.  Here is an example of our Swan Chariot that has a flip up seat and floor latches to accommodate the whole wheelchair on the ride.

Tramstar Accessible

We also specialize in people movers that can accommodate guests of all abilities.  Out on the shop floor we have several Tramstars that are all equipped with wheelchair locks on the power unit.   Again these include a fold down seat that provides additional capacity for when it is not needed for a wheelchair bound guest.  The Tramstar includes a pullout ramp so that the vehicle is easily accessible at any point on the trip, not just at the loading station.

CP Huntington 401

On my walk I spied another item in production that is sure to be inclusive for everyone.  The beloved C.P. Huntington Train. Here you only see the production of our latest locomotive – 400 and counting!





ADA Coach

But our train coaches are able to accommodate wheelchairs as well.

We also place the wheelchair accessible coach right behind the locomotive so that it is easy for the train engineer to offer assistance.  And like the Tramstar, the coach is equipped with its own retractable ramp making it accessible at all points of the journey.

While we have a lot of examples in the factory, there is no better example of the strides we’ve made toward making amusements accessible than the products we manufactured for Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio, TX.  The entire park is designed to provide full wheelchair access for every attraction.  We created special utility type vehicles for the electric car track that can accommodate a rider in a wheelchair.

Electrical Car Off Road Vehicle

Electric Cars Off Road Vehicle








The carousel that was created for Morgan’s Wonderland even featured a specially designed chariot that would have the same movement as the other carousel horse so that children in wheelchairs would have the same experience as everyone else.

Galloping Carousel Chariot








Many of the other rides we manufacture require transfer from the wheelchair in order to experience the ride.  This is due to the nature of the safety requirements in our thrill rides.  We do our best to make this process as accommodating as possible while still ensuring that all guests can experience the ride safely.  And we are still always working on new ways to  be an inclusive ride manufacturer.

We look forward to future projects that drive us to get more creative with our accessible solutions.

Do You Zoo Boo?

As with most holidays, Halloween gives entertainment venues an opportunity to drive additional traffic and become a part of family traditions and lifelong memories.  Often the month of October can provide the optimal weather for outdoor adventuring as well.  It is when the summer heat gives way to cool, crisp air and changing leaves bring more color to our world.  A study by the National Retail Federation also shows that Halloween spending is at record highs.  They attribute this to the fact that Halloween celebrating can be much more economical for families, so more of them are participating.  A Halloween event at your Zoo or Aquarium may be an easier time for families to spend quality time together before the often stressful holiday season begins.

At Chance Rides we often tell our customers and prospects how valuable our products can be for filling up your attraction and bringing guests back again and again.  Imagine the smiling faces on the hauntingly adorned C.P. Huntington Train or the delight of the child dressed as a dragon (or batman) riding on the dragon carousel figure.  There are many ways to incorporate Chance Rides products into your holiday celebrations.  We would love to tell you more about what you can do to generate more revenue for your facility.  We can also connect you with some of our customers running successful Halloween events.






SkyQuest in testing phase at Indianapolis Zoo

The Indianapolis Zoo has opened the world renowned Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center.  This exhibit is giving us a never before seen experience with orangutans that is much more like seeing orangutans in their natural environment.  As part of this exhibit the zoo has installed the Skyline so that guests will have an eye level view of these climbing creatures.  The Skyline is the Chance Rides SkyQuest aerial people mover and Indianapolis Zoo will have the first one.  The 4-passenger open air gondolas travel at heights of up to 60 feet in the air around 1200 feet of track, allowing guests to take in the entire Orangutan Center as well as the surrounding area.  Watch this video for a preview of the experience.  The exhibit is open now and the Skyline is scheduled to be open to the public by July 4th.


New C.P. Huntington Train Delight Zoo Guests

This summer guests at the Little Rock Zoo in Little Rock, Arkansas will have the opportunity to experience the zoo aboard a shiny new C.P. Huntington Train.  The C.P. Huntington train is the flagship item for Chance Rides and they are still as popular today as they were more than 53 years ago.  Each new C.P. Huntington is customized to the needs of our customers.
Little Rock Zoo CP Huntington

At the Little Rock Zoo guests are being treated to an upgraded experience as the old train and tracks were replaced.
Read here about the inaugural weekend for Arkansas’s Diamond Express.

New From Chance Rides

At Chance Rides we are working hard to bring more new items to the market in 2014.  We delivered our first new Freestyle in August and look forward to producing a few more in the coming months.


Freestyle Ride, Ray Cammack Shows

The completely new SkyQuest will begin delivery soon so that it will be ready for guests in early 2014.  The Indianapolis Zoo has developed a completely new habitat concept for their orangutans and Chance Rides is honored to be a part of this ground breaking effort.


Also, new for 2014 is the latest in thrilling roller coasters from Chance Rides, the HyperGT-X.  You’ll feel the thrill from this coaster as you experience the 79 degree 1st drop and 4G force pullout.  This compact coaster design provides all the tummy tickling excitement your guests are after as it finishes with a series of camel backs that lift you off your seat.

Hyper GT-X Coaster

Chance Rides Hyper GT-X Rendering

And last but certainly not least we have the introduction of the R80 XL II Observation Wheel.  At over 250 ft tall this wheel is a modern marvel.  The wheel accommodates 54 (8) passenger or 27 (16) passenger gondolas that are climate controlled and feature two-way communication.  There are many seating configurations available to ensure that you can give your guests the experience you prefer.  There is even an option to include VIP luxury cabins for a truly special experience.

r80 large cabins

R80 XL II Puebla, Mexico

Stay tuned as we get closer on each of these projects and more for the 2014 season.  And let us know what we can start working on for you.