Do You Zoo Boo?

As with most holidays, Halloween gives entertainment venues an opportunity to drive additional traffic and become a part of family traditions and lifelong memories.  Often the month of October can provide the optimal weather for outdoor adventuring as well.  It is when the summer heat gives way to cool, crisp air and changing leaves bring more color to our world.  A study by the National Retail Federation also shows that Halloween spending is at record highs.  They attribute this to the fact that Halloween celebrating can be much more economical for families, so more of them are participating.  A Halloween event at your Zoo or Aquarium may be an easier time for families to spend quality time together before the often stressful holiday season begins.

At Chance Rides we often tell our customers and prospects how valuable our products can be for filling up your attraction and bringing guests back again and again.  Imagine the smiling faces on the hauntingly adorned C.P. Huntington Train or the delight of the child dressed as a dragon (or batman) riding on the dragon carousel figure.  There are many ways to incorporate Chance Rides products into your holiday celebrations.  We would love to tell you more about what you can do to generate more revenue for your facility.  We can also connect you with some of our customers running successful Halloween events.






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