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ABC News Made In America

Chance Rides had the recent privilege of  being featured in a national news production focusing on American manufacturing.  ABC World News Tonight with David Muir does a running feature they call Made in America.  I was contacted by their producer earlier this summer about participating in the show.  They have featured products from footballs to flashlights and pizzas to cookies.  They were excited to take a look at all the products we are manufacturing right here in Wichita, KS.  Maggy Patrick from ABC News flew into Wichita with camera in hand and spent the day with us capturing the full story of Chance Rides.  Once she left we all just kept wondering how on earth she was going to get her few hours of story and video down to just a one or two minute news segment.  There is no doubt it is a quick story but we think they captured the essence of what we do at Chance Rides pretty well and we thank them for coming.

Take a look for yourself here.


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