New ALL RIDES Service Bulletin From Chance Rides

NEW Requirements Issued for Addressing Corrosion
Concerns in Amusement Equipment.

Chance Rides has recently released a service bulletin to address the detection of corrosion in amusement rides.  We are dedicated to the safe operation of amusement equipment.  Because of that we want to be on the forefront of addressing this potentially catastrophic element of ride operations.  You can find the specific details of the bulletin on our technical services website. 

The terribly accident that occurred last July in Ohio has caused the entire industry to focus on this concern with aging amusement rides.  Chance Rides has established a protocol that will ensure safe operation and be a reasonable practice for all operators.  If you should have any additional questions about the listed requirements or how they specifically apply to your Chance equipment do not hesitate to give us a call at 800-242-6234.

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