Ready for the IAAPA Expo?

IAE 2017

The entire amusement industry is about to descend upon Orlando, FL for 1 week and it’s always exciting!  All things even remotely tied to entertaining guests can be found at IAE2017.  You will find anything and everything that your guests’ need to enjoy their time at your facility.

Unicoaster Show Seat

Take at ride at IAAPA 2017

At Chance Rides, we take this time to let our customers know what new things we have up our sleeve.  In Chance Rides booth #5124 you will be able to experience the thrill of the user-controlled Unicoaster seat.  The Unicoaster is going free-form so be sure to ask about the new track layouts for the Unicoaster 2.0.




Electric C.P. Huntington

See it in booth #5124

The new Electric C.P. Huntington train will have the wheels turning under the power of the lithium-ion battery technology.  You will experience the quiet, smooth, operation as well as the auto-charging function designed into the system.

Chance Rides still has a limited number of guest passes available.  If you’d like to attend IAAPA Expo 2017 for FREE as our guest please contact us ( for the guest pass access code.  If you’ve already registered make sure to add us to your schedule.


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