Zipper Transformation – Post 2

Working Through the Worst

During what is likely the hardest week in the history of Chance Rides the best we know to do is to continue the work.  Chance Rides will persevere and it is because of rides like the Zipper and the skilled employees that build them.

Here you will see some of the dis-assembly process as the real work begins on the refurbishment of this Zipper.


Zipper Seats

Some of these seats were a little more stubborn than others in the removal process. Who among you have been a part of this precarious process?























These parts are being sandblasted and repainted before being reassembled onto the Zipper.

Zipper PartsZipper Parts

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  1. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    looks the same as the zipper we stole off murphy bros when they sent there zipper to china for the world carnival. And they never got it back 🙂 We had to paint it in these colours to sneak it back out of china 🙂 still running today. If only they knew.

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