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Making Amusement Rides for Life

I suppose maybe it makes sense that once a person has a job in the amusement industry, they would have no reason to ever do anything else.  However, in a day and age when things are constantly changing it is an accomplishment worth celebrating when someone retires after thirty years with the same company.  Last […]

Amusement Rides in the Making: March Edition

It’s that time again!  Walk with me through the Chance Rides factory to see what is about to roll out to your favorite attraction.  First up a couple of familiar items from last month.  This unique carousel was just inspected by the customer this week.  Now that its been approved the disassembly is starting.  It […]

ADA Compliant and Inclusive

I recently read an article that was written by Linda Van Slyke and shared by CarnivalWarehouseNews in regards to efforts being made toward ADA compliance.  The Americans with Disabilities Act has been in existence since 1990 but in an industry that is centuries old change can come about slowly.  It made me stop and think about […]

Factory Walk February

I slid my way into work today on sheets of ice due to some recent winter weather hitting us here in Kansas, but I can still tell that spring is near.  I just have to go out into the factory to know that it will be here before we know it.  We have some exciting […]

The Wheels of Love

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  For George W. Gale Ferris Jr. this was also his birthday, and since he’s credited with inventing the Ferris Wheel this day has also become National Ferris Wheel Day.  There is no question that the idea of a Ferris Wheel sparks images of romance in your mind. Young love […]

How Real Can It Be?

In the 1960s during our companies birth nearly 90 percent of all homes were equipped with a television.  Although, 98 percent of homes did not have a color television.  Americans were learning to rely on the television for entertainment and news but they were satisfied to consume the content in a grainy black and white […]

The 50th Anniversary of the Zipper

It was recently brought to my attention from a Chance Rides Fans page on Facebook that our beloved Zipper is turning 50 in 2018.  I quickly verified the information and found that the first Zipper was indeed manufactured and shipped in 1968.  In fact 19 Zippers were delivered in that first year. Our Facebook page […]

New ALL RIDES Service Bulletin From Chance Rides

NEW Requirements Issued for Addressing Corrosion Concerns in Amusement Equipment. Chance Rides has recently released a service bulletin to address the detection of corrosion in amusement rides.  We are dedicated to the safe operation of amusement equipment.  Because of that we want to be on the forefront of addressing this potentially catastrophic element of ride […]

What is Chance Rides working on now?

It is true that we are still weeks away from Christmas but the spring will be here before we know.  With the new amusement season beginning in the spring the Chance Rides team is ramping up to be ready for new deliveries.  Below you can join me on a photo walk through the factory to […]

Happy Thanksgiving from Chance Rides

The Chance Rides offices will be closed on November 23rd and 24th to allow our employees some extra time with their families.  Many of us have just recently returned from the IAAPA Expo in Orlando, FL and need a little more time to get caught up. We will all be back to work on Monday, […]