Open House

We have an exclusive opportunity for invited guests to tour the Chance Rides manufacturing facility and experience some of our new rides.  On February 26th – 28th, we will open up our facility and allow guests to ride the Freestyle, Zipper, Unicoaster 2.0 and the all new Electric C.P. Huntington train.

The Chance Rides Freestyle is going to the Six Flags park, The Great Escape in Lake George, NY to be the new Pandemonium ride.


The refurbished Zipper will be returning to the North American Midway Entertainment circuit this spring as a brand new Zipper.


It is complete with our new open view ride cage design.  The new over-the-shoulder restraint provides guest a more comfortable ride while still giving the same unpredictable thrilling experience that the Zipper is known for.  All of this is made more intense because you now have a better view of the scene outside the cage as it whizzes past the spinning tub.

The Unicoaster 2.0 was unveiled at IAAPA 2017.  We have taken the rider controlled seat from our original Unicoaster and applied that technology to an independent seat that travels on a custom roller coaster track.  You can now incorporate a looping roller coaster and mild family coaster into the same space.  Riders as small as 48″ can ride the Unicoaster 2.0.  Guests will return to the ride again and again because of the ability to create a new experience with each ride.

Unicoaster 2.0Visit the Chance Rides Open House to experience the forward and backward rolling ability of the Unicoaster 2.0 seat.

And last but certainly not least, you can become the engineer of our all New Electric C.P. Huntington train as it travels along our own factory test track.  Experience the smooth operation of this energy efficient, zero emissions train.  You can see how the automatic battery charging system works to recharge batteries while stopped in the station for loading and unloading.  And you will be able to ask in depth questions about this new technology from the minds that are bringing it to life.

Electric C.P. Huntington

Please let us know if you’ll be able to attend the
2018 Chance Rides Open House.  

You can email or call 316.945.6555.

Flights can be scheduled into the Eisenhower National Airport, located just 5 minutes from our facility.

Recommended hotels for your visit include;

Ambassador Hotel

DoubleTree WichitaFairfield Inn Marriott